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From Fear to Fulfilment: Resilience Training Success

Empower your team with Resilience Training! At ZEAL Creative, Dannielle turned her passion into a book. Be inspired by her story.

Resilience and Wellbeing training are all about equipping individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate challenges and thrive in adversity. It starts by making sure everyone has the necessary knowledge and skills to help themselves and others, and by creating safe spaces that encourage open and honest conversations.

When we were invited by ZEAL Creative Limited do lunch and learns with them all about resilience and wellbeing, one of the team really took some of our insights to heart.

Dannielle Wood, a Senior Designer at Zeal realised that her excuses of “I don’t have enough time” were just that… excuses. She’d always wanted to write a book but kept putting off her passion project because she was stuck in the fear zone. As she said "Fear of critics, fear of showing a piece of my heart, fear of flop, and everything else in between."

After one of Jayne’s sessions, she set herself the challenge to be published before turning 30 and after many late nights was able to achieve her goal a few weeks before her birthday.

One of the highlights was making the announcement to her colleagues on the Friday huddle. Said Dannielle “When it was announced I had so many messages of love, encouragement and people going out of their way to purchase my book. MY BOOK! I’m incredibly grateful, humbled and truly blessed.”

Her book, which is titled ‘Love & Other’ is a collection of poems dealing with love, loss, self-love and dealing with your inner critic.

You can find it here, and if you’d like to know how we can help your team get out of their fear zone, take a look at our Resilience Training sessions and programmes.

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