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Radical Candor for Productivity and Personal Growth

Care personally and challenge directly to do the best work of your life, and build the best relationships of your career

Strong team relationships are essential for unlocking potential, productivity, and personal growth. And developing a culture of trust is the key pillar behind this.

The principles of ‘Radical Candor’ provide the foundation, tools and support to enable all managers & Leaders to develop the trust within their team and organisation to deliver their business and personal goals.

Think back to one of the best Managers you had and why? Is it because they were ‘nice’? It’s more likely that they demonstrated they cared about you as well as the business, were comfortable with challenge and feedback but did it in such a way that you felt empowered to make a difference and grow. Some of the feedback may have felt uncomfortable at the time but looking back are you grateful for the difference it made?

The Better People are delighted to be able to include Radical Candor in our Team Development Training. ‘Radical Candor’ guides and supports managers as they get comfortable with being uncomfortable, developing their feedback and communication skills as they go. It uses case studies, interactive exercises and discussions to make the step changes in leadership and culture across the business.

We can also combine ‘Radical Candor’ with other principles such as Psychological Safety and the Feedback Fallacy to develop a Bespoke Training Model for your team. Find out more.

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